Recent Project

This is were the fun stuff will be displayed…  I will be posting pictures of the restoration I will be doing on one of my Cosmo’s…

Will be a challenge to be sure but am confident the end result will be worth the effort.

Any tips or input along the way would always be appreciated.

I am starting with a 52,xxx mile, Manual Transmission survivor that has the original paint, no rust, no dents but is in need of some serious TLC…

  • Florian GIMENEZ


    the silver car with blue stripes is a 121 second generation. (1981)

    This car is in my house!!! :-)

    I live in France in a small village called Fourneaux (42470).

    This car is not mind but a friend just buy it, and now I will try to give it a second life.

    The engine is a 2.0l four cylinder.

    It was stopped more than 10 years. Not too much rust, engine is not blocked, good beginning :-)

    If you want to see some other pictures.

    In our club, we have know 6 Mazda 121, but only this one in second generation.

    If you have any question, it will be a pleasure to discuss with you.

    Best regards


    PS: Sorry for my bad english writting…

  • Greg

    I have extensive cosmo experience, wiring manuals and mechanical manuals.
    Own cosmo since new 76 . Mazudrilling @ yahoo .com